See what our attendees are saying about their time with Dirt Rock n Root Training!  Click here to read the thoughts from one participant at our June Women's Camp at Mountain Creek. 

I thought the clinic was an excellent course for learning the fundamentals of how to attack the most challenging and intimidating downhills. Kathi (the instructor) was knowledgeable and patient. By the end of the course I was taking on steeps with confidence! Kathi really knows her stuff and made the course fun and constructive, helping me to review the fundamentals then putting it all together. I highly recommend the course to any level of mountain biker looking to raise their skill level on the most challenging downhills.
— David Weiner

Kathi is a patient, knowledgeable coach with years of experience. Her careful attention to teaching positioning and timing is invaluable. Under her tutelage I have been able learn skills that before seemed unattainable.
— Joann DiGiulio

I have been fortunate to participate in several Dirt Root n Rock downhill clinics over the past two years and have found them rewarding on many levels. My riding ability and confidence have grown from Kathi’s excellent coaching. She is an expert at explaining and physically demoing the wisdom and skills necessary to attempt challenges like jumps and drops. Events like the women’s ride days are supportive to riders of all ability and create an atmosphere of comeraderie and fun. I am really looking forward to the start of 2014 DH season for more Dirt Root n Rock clinics and women’s ride days!
— Anne Hassel
I attended an all-day intermediate clinic with Kathi that was hosted by the mountain bike club I belong to two years ago. The clinic was small and informal and chock full of information. There was no “intimidation factor” at all and Kathi and all of the women participating were incredibly supportive. One of the advantages, for me, was that the clinic took place at our local trail system, so we were able to tackle specific features many of us had difficulty with. During the clinic, I learned to finally go over several uphill logovers that had previously stymied me and learned how to jump. My confidence level soared and I continue to work on the skills Kathi taught me. Kathi is incredibly approachable and still keeps in touch and continues to provide advice. I highly recommend attending a clinic with Dirt Rock N Root Training – you won’t be disappointed.
— Christy Peterson

Dirt Rock and Root Downhill clinic at Mountain Creek gave me the confidence I needed to ride all types of terrain. I’m ADDICTED! It’s all downhill from here!!!!
— Sue Nicgorski
The first time I tried downhill mountain biking was with Kathi at a Dirt Rock n Root beginner’s clinic at Whiteface in 2011 where we worked on fundamentals and short sections of single track. I have worked with Kathi several times since this first clinic and was fortunate enough to return to Whiteface with Kathi a year later. Trails that intimidated me as a beginner now felt approachable and moderate. My level of confidence and skill set had grown so much that I didn’t even believe certain trails were the same trails I had struggled and walked down a year earlier. Kathi has a way of coaching that emphasizes the fundamentals so that you never feel out of your comfort zone, but your comfort zone continues to grow. She caters to specific needs and learning curves of each rider so you always feel challenged, but safe. She goes out of her way to have a personal relationship with each rider and is genuinely invested in your progress and happiness.
— Erin Johnson