Greg McCausland began a love affair with Latin America in the 1980’s that has continued through travel, university study, and teaching. The first time Greg traveled to the Cordillera Blanca was to alpine climb in the late 1980’s where he met Julio Olaza at the now famous Tasco Bar. Greg was impressed by the perfect single track down every valley and vowed to return on two wheels… And he has returned again and again to ride trails throughout the Andean chain on his mountain bike, from exploring the high Andes to first descents of historic trails into the Amazon Basin. You can read about his latest ride from Upstate New York to Ushuaia, Argentina at  

Kathi Krause, owner of Dirt Rock n Root Training, has over 30 years of bike racing experience!  She started as a track and criterium specialist in 1984. In 1993, she transitioned to the dirt side of cycling.  Topping regional cross-country rankings in 1994-1995, Kathi was named to the national and world championships downhill teams in 1995. She turned pro in 1999 and went on to win five national DH titles and three world DH titles. 

Kathi started Dirt Rock n Root Training in 2011 to help bring more people into mountain biking. She has coached up and down the east coast at locations including: Mountain Creek Bike Park, Plattekill Bike Park, Snowshoe Bike Park, Whiteface Bike Park, Highland Mountain Bike Park, the Mid-West Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic and various cross country events. Kathi's love for travel and adventure are a perfect match for our Peru excursion!

Julio Olaza is our local guide in Peru. He was born and raised in Huaraz and began exploring the Cordillera Blanca as a boy. In the 1980's, he worked organizing trekking groups and ran the Tasco Bar, the local Mecca for gringos resting between trips to the mountains. He specializes in bringing people up-close to the Andes through mountain biking.

Julio is an enthusiastic mountain biker and likes nothing better than showing off his beautiful homeland. He has explored the Cordilleras and surrounding regions for new and longer circuits, including those in the Huascaran National Park.He has basically pioneered the sport in this region. Julio's trips have been recommended in all the guide books and many world wide magazines have written articles about Julio and his MOUNTAIN BIKE ADVENTURES.