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Brooklyn Bike Park - How to Ride the Pump Track


Pump Track 101 (beginner riders)

Learn the skills and increase your confidence riding the Pump Track! We'll review moves that will help you navigate the pump track with ease and cover more ground pedaling less and pumping more! We'll cover:

  • basic body position
  • bike/body separation positions used for pumping and cornering the bike
  • pumping the bike
  • turning/cornering basics

Pump Track 201 (intermediate riders)

Already got your pumping and cornering down?  Take it up a notch in Pump Track 201.  In this session we’ll cover:

  • front wheel lifts
  • rear wheel lifts
  •  riding “skinnies


11:30 am  - Pump Track 101
1 pm - Pump Track 201
2:30 pm - Pump Track 101